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PC:RJ Kessler


Eric Wilson known as “EDUB or The Black Panda” is a photographic artist living on the island of Oahu Hawaii. “EDUB” spends his days chasing down the worlds most beautiful images and capturing them in a photograph, but when not traveling you can find him on the beaches of Oahu making magic happen though a Len. 


EDUB began taking photos at the age of 8 when he got jis first 110 camea, and has shooting ever since. 

EDUB's  landscape photographer known for two main styles when he takes photos. He typically uses either the horizontal panoramic view or a vertical panoramic. He tends to photograph nature, although he has taken pictures of for Famous people, Models, City landscapes as well, particularly structures like bridges and skyscrapers. He is known for his photographs of Asia and Hawaii, however his elevated skills and immense fortune has given him the opportunity to photograph most everywhere in the world. This has lead him to embarking on numerous excursions to Central and South America, India, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia and Europe. 

EDUB photography has been featured in new articles worldwide such as Real Talk Magazine. Tokyo Journal and Hawaii advertiser 



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